Creating artifacts and SBOMs manually.

We have now released web tools to manually create Artifacts and SBOMs in SBOM Central.

Artifact tool.

With the artifact tool, you can craft artifacts manually for storage in your SBOM Central database. These artifacts are managed similarly to those generated from uploaded SBOMs.

The tool offers real-time dictionary assistance for accurate parameter naming. This dictionary aids in identifying vendor and component names as well as versioning details.

Data framed in yellow are sourced from the dictionary, while those framed in red indicate the address of the artifact project.

SBOM tool.

The SBOM tool helps you to create an SBOM by selecting artifacts from all individual artifacts stored in your database.

The manually created SBOM is automatically included in the automated cybersecurity process, finding vulnerabilities, exploits, updates, etc.

Once you’ve manually created your SBOM, keeping it up-to-date as your software evolves is crucial. An outdated SBOM can be more harmful than not having one, as it could provide a false sense of security.